Getting more social with Camp Courageous

Along with this blog, Camp Courageous is moving to a few more places in the social media world. Here is additional information on what is underway…

Twitter me this….
Follow camp on Twitter!You can follow Camp Courageous of Iowa via Twitter. You will get notifications of new entries to this blog, instant updates on events and benefits for the camp, as well as camper pick-up and drop-off info. Great reminders that can be followed online or via SMS on your cell phone. You can follow camp by going to

Facebook Group
FacebookCamp Courageous of Iowa is now officially associated with a group on Facebook. The “Camp Courageous of Iowa” group, started by former volunteer counselor Sean Eldridge, has almost 150 members. Camp supporters, former and current staff, and campers who are on Facebook are encouraged to join the group. With supporters across the United States and in foreign countries the group should grow as more find out about it.

A big thank you to Sean for starting the group and granting camp access to it. We’ll be adding more updates to this group as the winter season at camp kicks off in a few weeks.

Flickr for 2009 photos and beyond
Camp Courageous on FlickrIn the past, camper photos of the various camp weeks and events have been hosted on the camp’s own server. Although this allows for some internal flexibility it does not have the best user interface compared to many of the online photo services. Therefore, starting in 2009 (and already with some photos from 2008) all camper photos will be made available on the Flickr web site.

Check out some photos now on the Camp Courageous of Iowa Photostream. If you are a member on Flickr then please add the camp as a contact and you can comment on the photos that are posted. Membership is not required, but you can sign-up for free! Flickr is part of the Yahoo! network.