One week and almost 4,800 cakes later…

Checked in with the volunteer group working on the fruitcakes this morning. At about 6:30 AM the last batches were being put through the ovens.  The final count?  Just under 4,800 cakes made in the last week. After the baking is done today, the last group will come in early tomorrow and wrap the last of the cakes. They’ll then be boxed and moved into the camp’s freezers until they are ready to be sent out to locations for sale.  Everything will wrap-up just in time since the lodge will then be prepared for the Back-To-School Festival.

No update has been given to me yet on sale locations. Once that list is finalized it will be posted to the camp’s web site and an entry will be made here. Work on the October 2008 Courier newsletter has just began and the list should also appear there. If you or your store/organization would like to help sell these cakes then please call the camp. We’ll be sure to include you in the newsletter (sent out to almost 20,000 people).

The entire baking operation has gone as planned. Many of the volunteers have been doing this for the past several years so they definitely know what they are doing.  It’s good to see that there are always some new faces of those willing to step forward and help. It’s also good to see that some cakes have already been sold to those that didn’t want to wait. Never hurts to have some sold before you’re even done.

A huge thank you to the volunteers that make this all possible.