Long-Time Camp Courageous Supporter Bill Krause dies at 78


(L-R) Brian Ferentz, Kirk Ferentz and Bill Krause visited Camp Courageous in 2006, when Bill presented a check for bus to the camp…this was 25-years after Bill’s first visit in 1981.

Bill Krause was introduced to Camp Courageous 33-years ago through the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa. During that tour, in 1981, Bill saw a small indoor pool designed especially for campers with special needs. Bill asked, “how do those who use wheelchairs get into the pool?” We explained it took two or three staff to take the camper from their chair and lower them into the pool. Within a few moments Bill realized the need for a pool chair lift, and said to order one and send him the bill. Thus began a 33-year relationship with Bill Krause.

During the 80s, when Bill worked out of humble offices in Hampton, IA, I would stop by to say hi, when I was passing through. On one cold, snowy, nasty winter day I had a flat tire, just west of Hampton. I hitch-hiked/walked back to Bill’s office and explained to Bill my predicament. In no time Bill made a couple calls and had me back on the road and I arrived to give a camp program on time. Bill made it very clear, the bill was covered.

Over the years one realizes there are a handful of folks, who, if your back was up against the wall, they would be there for camp.…Bill was one of those for me. Fortunately that day never came where I had to ask…but it was reassuring to know, Bill would have been there.

Bill will be dearly missed here at Camp Courageous. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Krause Family and our Family of Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores.