Friends of Lynn Kobliska visit Camp Courageous

Train-Solomon VisitLynn Kobliska is still doing his majic at Camp Courageous… constantly bringing new friends together for the Camp. Camp was honored to have (L-R) Josh Solomon, and his mother, Judy, and her parents Jim & Kathy McLaughlin stop by to see the camp. Judy is a dear friend of Martha Kobliska. Josh is not able to fly, so for his graduation, Josh and his mother are travelling the country. Home for Josh & Judy is Woodbridge Virginia, not far from Martha’s home. Judy’s folks are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Judy promised Martha, if she got close to Camp, they would stop. An absolutely wonderful family… their love radiated… and along with some tears we shared some good laughs about what a wonderful couple the Martha and Lynn Kobliska were. We wish them the best on their travels across this beautiful country and are grateful for their visit.