Mini-Semi for Campers Donated to Camp Courageous


(L-R) Board Members Mag Welter, Winnie Williams, and Jim Foels; join the Coca-Cola Semi donors, Nyla and Dean McCall (along with Jerry & Olimpia Gaspar-not pictured) and Craig Schmidt, President of STREETROD PRODUCTIONS in Montezuma. (Plus Santa is taking a nap inside the trailer).

As soon as Nyla and Dean McCall and Jerry & Olimpia Gaspar saw the Coca-Cola Semi Trailer and Cab in Florida they thought of Camp Courageous and what a thrill it would be for the campers to have rides in this special rig. The ladies explained, “the guys were like a couple kids in a candy shop.” Isn’t it wonderful when you can find something like this, that you know will bring so much happiness and joy to so many…and then make it happen! The campers love it!!! Thank you to Craig Schmidt, President of STREETROD PRODUCTIONS in Montezuma for transporting it back to Iowa from Florida…and tweaking it by putting in a brake and making other needed modifications. What a wonderful gift from all.