St. Louis 2015

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Day 1

The travel group made it to St. Louis, MO!! A BIG thank you goes out to Amanda for a fantastic check-in! We had such a great drive, until we got to St. Louis. Can you believe that we ran into freezing rain? The roads were already treated and we got to Chili’s and the hotel safely. It wasn’t slippery.
When we arrived to Chili’s we met two individuals that are joining us this weekend. Volunteer Ida Niemann and camper Brett Williams. Ida is from Germany and working in St. Louis (she is Paula Simon’s friend) and camper Brett Williams is from Texas. Him and his brother flew to St. Louis, from Houston, TX, so Brett could attend the St. Louis trip. He is also scheduled for Tour of Michigan in June.

Brett is on the left and Ida is on the right, volunteer Paula Simon is in the middle. Ida is helping us this weekend, because we needed one extra hand! She has jumped right in!  Take a look at the rest of our fun campers this weekend!

Campers Steve ‘Curly” Hawley from Handcap Development Center in Davenport and Andrew Loggins from Discovery Living in Cedar Rapids.

Campers Laurie Ruth from Reach for your Potential in Iowa City and Thomas Williams from Cedar Rapids, this is Thomas first time on a Camp Courageous trip.
Pictured here are campers Jennifer Donovan from Discovery Living in Cedar Rapids (also her first time), camper Mickey Musser from Reach for your Potential, and volunteer Marilyn Gray! This is Marilyn’s second trip!
And finally campers Rachel Villhauer from Reach for your Potential, Kathy Crowley from Handicap Development Center, and Leslie O’Leary (first time trip camper) from Systems Unlimited in Iowa City.
What a great group of campers! It is going to be a great weekend!

Day 2

So, last night, I was preparing for our schedule to change today, because St. Louis was expecting snow/rain mix all day! Well, guess what, it got up to 40 degrees and we enjoyed some needed sunshine. I truly believe it’s because the campers were visiting!

Our sunny day started off at the St. Louis Science Center. What a fun place to visit! There are a lot of very interesting hands on exhibits and every one of the campers loved the activities!

Here is Brett Williams testing out20150221_105515 some magnets and Andrew Loggins looking on.

20150221_105901                 Andrew Loggins is stacking blocks and he loved every bit of this activity! It was hard to get him away.

20150221_110105Mickey Musser wanted to create some music, so he tried out his pitch and volume by putting his hands where it instructed him too.










While we were visiting the museum, we had some surprise guests. Pictured here is Steve Hawley’s nephew Josh and his sister-in-law Tobi. Steve “Curly” was so excited to see his family! 



20150221_133234Oh yea, we even had a visit from a dinosaur. She was walking around all over the museum, some of the campers were afraid she would get hungry, but I told them not to worry, she already ate :)!

Before we knew it; it was time to head to the Gateway Arch!

20150221_143435Here is the group taking a great picture in front of the Arch!







They got to touch the Arch as well! There is a lot of construction going on around the Arch, so we couldn’t see the museum or go up on one side of the arch, so we shopped and made sure we took a lot of pictures. After our visit we made our way to Union Station to have dinner at Laundry’s. It was a very nice restaurant with some delicious sea food!





Then it was off to watch the Saint Louis Billikens woman’s basketball team play George Mason at Chaifetz Arena.



It was a great game! The woman played very well and beat George Mason 82-59 and it was in front of a record crowd! Campers love to be at games where history is in the making, and if there is plenty of good music so they can dance! Way to go Billikins!

It was a great day! The campers had such a great time! Tomorrow we visit the zoo and head back to camp. Have a great night.

Day 3

The travel group made it back to Iowa! The campers were all picked up at the Wendy’s in Coralville! It was a great weekend! We spent this morning at the St. Louis Zoo. It was a little windy, but we saw a few animals, like the seals, who really love swimming in this cold weather!

Before we knew it, it was time to shop and have lunch! The zoo has this very nice cafe that serves delicious food. So if you are ever out that way, please stop in and grab a bite.

A few pictures were taken this morning, so here are some of our campers having a great time at the St. Louis Zoo.


20150222_105602And of course camper Thomas Williams wanted to be silly by holding up his new wolf and act like the shark was trying to eat it! It was pretty funny!

As I mentioned it was a great weekend, with a lot of great people on the trip! A HUGE thank you goes out to Marilyn Gray and Paula Simon for doing a superb job! Also, to camper Brett Williams for flying all the way from Texas to join us on the trip, for all the campers who attend the trip (These trips are made for YOU!), and for Ida Niemann for jumping in and helping out with the groups! She was a natural!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Have a great week and until the next trip, have a great end of February!



Rolando “Rolo” Morales



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