Seeking new and safe camper activities at Camp Courageous

Double-Slip BouncerCamp Courageous is always looking for new and unique ways to provide fun and safe experiences to campers. If camp was able to obtain an inflatable for children to bounce in, it would not only provide them with a carnival-like experience, but one that is much safer then an average trampoline. If we were able to obtain an inflatable slip and slide it would be a way to enjoy a hot summer day. Either activity would add an experience to our campers that they could not find anywhere else.

Castle Bouncer

Shown above are some examples of some inflatable equipment that could be part of an evening program. You can click on the images for links to a web site that provides such equipment (other sources can also be found online). For additional questions about how these devices could be made part of a camper program please contact Stephen at 319-465-5916, ext. 2310.