Needs List

Major Camp Needs:
$200,000 Pool deck flooring replacement
$100,000 Sewer System Replacement
$100,000 New Staff Housing (Naming Rights)
$45,000 Skid Loader
$25,000 Convert Lighting to LED
$20,000 Sidewalks and Paths to Lake Todd
$15,000 Computer Upgrades
$10,000 Used Commercial Washer and Dryer
$5,000 (20) specially designed tents $250 each
$5,000 Rearview cameras for all camp vehicles
$5,000 High Efficiency Furnace Replacement (need 12)
$1,000 Portable Public Address System

One way for the camp to keep costs down is through the donation of needed items. All types of items are needed to keep Camp Courageous running, such as paper towels, food, art supplies, and more.

Below is the Camp Courageous Needs List, which itemizes the various things are specifically needed  by the departments at camp. Items that are bold are commonly used items and items that are listed in red are those items that will need to be purchased soon if they are not donated. You can also check out our Amazon Wish List to buy things for us on


Download PDF Download Current Needs List (PDF format)Please use this list to see what is specifically needed and feel free to contact the camp or stop out with items that may not be listed.  The camp appreciates your consideration in thinking of the camp for your donations.

Needs List