Donation Guide

How you want to support: How you can support: How you benefit by supporting:
Cash Donation Fast donation Transaction Pay by check or credit card Income tax deduction & immediate benefit to Camp Courageous
Gift of Securities Tax on capital gains Eliminated Contribution of long-term appreciated stock or securities Charitable deduction absent of capital gains taxes
Gift of Personal Property Personal items/Collectibles Donation of personal property in relation to exempt function Full market value charitable deduction to benefit camp
Living Trust (revocable)
a revocable gift can be made during your lifetime Name Camp Courageous the beneficiary of assets in a living trust Maintain control of the trust term during your lifetime
Legacy (Bequest) May defer a gift until after your lifetime Remember Camp in your will – specific property or monies Donations fully exempt from estate tax
Life Insurance Allows you to make a huge difference at a small cost to you Offer ownership of a life insurance policy no longer needed Present & future income tax deductions
Contribution of Retire-ment Plan Assets Avoid taxation on IRA’s/employee benefit plans List Camp as the beneficiary of your remaining assets Assets that have less tax liability can be left for your family
Real Estate Gift Eliminate capital gains tax after real estate sales Donate the property to Camp Courageous Receive an income tax deduction & reduction of no capital gains tax
Life Estate Retained Retain life use but give your personal farm/residence Maintain occupancy for life & give a gift now Continued use of the property and tax advantages
Remainder Annuity Trust (Charitable) A secured fixed life income with little or no market risks Create a charitable remainder annuity trust Higher rate of return and tax benefits
Remainder Unitrust (Charitable) Protect against inflation over the long term Establish a charitable remainder unitrust Tax benefits and a variable life income
Gift Annuity (Charitable) Augment income with regular payments that partially income tax free Create a charitable gift annuity contract with camp that pays a set amount for life Future/current savings on fixed payments & income taxes for life for 1-2 people
Lead Trust (Charitable) Reduce estate & gift taxes on assets given to children or grandchildren Establish a charitable lead trust that pays income to camp for a specific number of years The estate or gift tax benefits of a gift but family can obtain the property

Remember that you have to make a withdrawal or face a hefty 50% tax penalty. You will owe taxes on the money you were supposed to withdraw, PLUS a 50% penalty. The withdrawal is called a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). The first RMD is for the year in which you turn age 70 and 1/2.