Recurring Donations

Recurring Giving Makes Donating Easy!

Many times intentions are good to make donations. But, because life gets so busy, it is sometimes forgotten. Or, perhaps there is an amount you would like to donate yearly, but paying all at once puts too much strain on the budget, and writing a check or making an online donation every month is a hassle. Consider making your donation to Camp Courageous “recurring.”image-2p

Recurring giving makes it easy to donate with little effort. Donors are able to make any gift recurring using camp’s secure online donation site, and are in complete control by specifying a start and stop date. As an added bonus, an email is sent each time the recurring donation is made, notifying the donor.

Donations may be set up to occur:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

To make a recurring donation to Camp Courageous click here or click on the donate now button. Fill out the requested information in Step 1. Proceed to Step 2 and fill in donation amount, click yes to make it a recurring donation, set how often you would like to donate and for how long. Follow the prompts to complete the donation. (See image below.)image-16p