Activities List

Campers can do a wide variaty of activities while they are at Camp Courageous.

Camp Courageous Activities List

Name Description Hours
Outdoor Living Skills Individuals learn various outdoor living skills such as fire building, setting up tents, knots, and lashing. 1
Accessible Lookout Tower Plan on enjoying the view at 25 feet above the ground. 0.5
Angle Dangle A high event for those ready for a challenge. This element is a huge ladder where the rungs are positioned at angles. Campers are belayed as they climb up. Nonambulatory campers can also climb using a pulley system. 1
Archery Care and use of equipment, basic instruction on skills and safety rules are included. 1
Arts and Crafts A comprehensive program offering activities from painting, candle making, leather crafts, yarn art, tie dye and much more. 1
Bocce Ball Come learn one of the oldest games around. This simple yet tricky game of skill involves rolling a ball as close to the target ball without touching it. 0.5
Bounce House Campers enjoy jumping and bouncing in this enclosed inflatable house. An ideal sensory activity for many. 0.5
Burma Bridge Cross this challenging cable bridge suspended 20 feet above a ravine, while securely fastened to a safety rope. Most non-ambulatory campers can be assisted by a staff member on the bridge. 1
Canoeing Begin with basic paddling instruction. Our canoeing progression starts with canoeing on a 24 acre lake, to perhaps a 3 hour float trip on the Maquoketa River, then an overnight canoe trip on the river. 2 or 3
Caving(Spelunking) pants/flashlight A challenging 550 foot cave where campers crawl through tight tunnels and explore an exciting underground environment. This activity can be adapted for all groups. Campers who use wheelchairs can be wheeled to the mouth of the cave and experience the first room. It’s a great sensory activity. Please bring flashlights. 2 or 3
Climbing Wall The climbing wall is in the gym. Climbers are belayed as they discover the best route up, using specially designed hand and foot holds. Non-ambulatory campers can also climb using a pulley system. 1
Creative Dramatics A ‘free spirit’ activity ranging from pretend games to group pantomimes to dressing up in our many costumes and hats. Older groups learn about improvisational skits. 1
Cross Country Skiing Learn the basics about this popular winter sport; diagonal stride, step turns, snowplow and herring bone. Our trails in the pines will give many the opportunity to enjoy the snow. 1
Eiffel Tower This activity involves climbing a cargo net in the gym that resembles the Eiffel Tower. It is a bit wobbly and this adds an element of challenge as the climber reaches for the horn at the top. Non-ambulatory campers can also climb using a pulley system. 1
Evening Activities An assortment of activities including hay rides, dances, songfests, night hikes, campfires, scavenger hunts, theme nights plus many more. 2
Farm Experience This activity allows the camper to play the “life of a farmer”. This includes the care and feeding of animals such as rabbits, goats and sheep. 1
Firecracker/Ladder This is actually two climbing events in one. Campers are belayed up as they choose either the more challenging firecracker climb or the more manageable ladder climb. Non-ambulatory campers can also climb using a pulley system. 1
Fishing Basic instruction and safety skills are explained either at the lake or the river. 1
Frisbee Golf Our neighbors at Pictured Rocks Camp have invited us to enjoy their frisbee golf course. 1
Group Initiative Course This activity is similar to a challenge or teams course, where campers participate in a series of problem solving activities with group cooperation emphasized. 1
Gym Activities Use our parachute or earth ball for group activities. 1
Hiking Hike the many trails at camp. Hikes can vary in emphasis from nature or sensory awareness, to mushroom or rain hikes. 1
Horseshoes A slower paced activity for all to enjoy. 0.5
Ice Cream Making Use a hand crank ice cream maker or roll our ice cream ball & enjoy a refreshing treat. 1
Jungle Gym This adventure activity includes a series of climbing and walking activities up in the air. One event is called the Team Beam which utilizes campers on the ground assisting the participant across swinging beams. Non-ambulatory campers can also climb using a pulley system. If you have done all the adventure activities, it’s time to try this one. 1
Miniature Golf Try your luck on our outdoor golf course located behind the pool 0.5
Native American Awareness Learn about Native American games and dances near our teepee. 1
Nature Activities A variety of activities can be incorporated into this area, including animal homes, bird identification/observation and wild flowers. The nature center provides excellent resources to enhance these studies. 1
Orienteering Students become familiar with the parts of a compass, and how to use it. They can then apply the knowledge firsthand while doing two orienteering courses in the woods. 1
Outdoor Cookery Cook over an open fire at one of our campsites in the woods. 0.5
Overnight Camping Camp in tents, a tree house, a teepee or simply sleep under the stars. 16
Overnight Canoe Trip Canoe 7-9 miles on the Maquoketa River camping along the way. 24
Play Pen This climbing event is a real challenge. Campers will climb up a variety of obstacles to reach the top. Non-ambulatory campers can also participate using a pulley system. 1
Pony Rides pants/200 lb limit Currently not available. Enjoy a ride on camp’s gentle horses. They are led by a camp staff with counselors and others serving as side walkers. Pony rides is now at base camp and is ideal for younger campers. (200 pound limit) Tennis shoes or boots required. 1
Rappelling – 8 and older Campers descend a rock with safety equipment in place. Not accessible. (Must be 8 yrs. old or older.) 2
Recumbent Tandem Tricycle This completely accessible tricycle is enjoyed by one staff and one camper at a time. This activity is often paired up with ice cream making or lookout tower. 1
Rock Climbing – pants A challenging, yet very safe activity that can be geared to the level of the group. Not accessible. 2
Ropes Course This course has several elements that can promote trust, confidence and group cooperation. The ropes course is not accessible. 1
Sledding Little slopes and steep hills make for good sledding. 1
Snoezelroom This activity designed for lower functioning campers is a sensory room. The senses are stimulated by a ball pit, bean bags chairs, soft rocker, music and sights and sounds. 1
Snow Activities Snow sculpturing, snow painting, making snow pudding or snow games are available. 1
Snow Shoeing A great chance to take a hike in the snow as the Native Americans did. 1
Sports and Games This includes large group activities, new games, volleyball and basketball. 1
Super Zip (275 lb. limit) The super zip is high and fast! It is accessible for all campers to enjoy the freedom of sailing through the air. 1
Swimming The two pools are always a big hit. The shallow therapeutic pool is 2-4 feet deep and heated to approximately 88 degrees. The larger pool is 25 meters long, 6 lanes wide and 4 feet to 9 feet deep & about 83 degrees. The lap pool has a climbing wall. For campers who pass the deep water test, they can climb the wall and then jump into the water. There is always a certified lifeguard on duty when campers are swimming. Please bring swimsuit & towel. Elementary age campers will need school chaperones in the swimming pool with them. Please NO SHOES in the locker rooms. 1
Train Enjoy an accessible half mile ride in the woods. 0.5
Tree Climb Individuals are able to enjoy the thrill of climbing a tree while secured to a safety rope. Non-ambulatory individuals are hoisted up the tree with a pulley system. 1
Wild Edible Hike Foraging wild fruits, greens, berries and nuts make a hike more fun! 1