ebay Giving Works

Help a cause that matters to you… Camp Courageous!

Since 2003, eBay has offered sellers the chance to turn their listings into a force for good with eBay Giving Works. Donate as little as 10%* or as much as 100% (minimum $1) of an item’s final sale price to Camp Courageous. When you do, you provide much-needed financial support for a worthy cause.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Select an item to list.
  2. Select Camp Courageous as the nonprofit to benefit.
  3. Create your eBay Giving Works listing. View a diagram showing how the eBay Giving Works selling process works.

That’s it! As a thank you, when your listing sells, ebay will give you a pro-rated credit on your Insertion fee and Final Value fees. The Giving Works make sure that the Camp Courageous receives the funds you raised.

Check out these great benefits

  • Raise money for a good cause. Through eBay Giving Works you can help Camp Courageous serve over 5,000 individual each year with disabilities.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Each eBay Giving Works listing has the special charity ribbon next to it, catching buyers’ eyes. Your listing stands out in search results and buyers see that their purchase helps you help a worthy cause.
  • Attract more bids and higher prices. Buyers are inspired to buy — and often pay more — for items benefiting a nonprofit. The “Giving Bar” at the top of your eBay Giving Works listing tells buyers all about your selected nonprofit and the percentage of the selling price you’re donating.
  • Receive a fee credit when your item sells. When your eBay Giving Works listing sells, ebay will credit back your Insertion and Final Value Fees by the same percentage you donated. Giving 50% of your item’s final sale price? You’ll get back 50% of your fees. Giving 100%? You get back all of your Insertion and Final Value Fees.
  • Get extra exposure for your listing. Buyers can find your item when they search on eBay, on eBay Giving Works, and on the About My Nonprofit page. It’s like having three listings for the price of one!

np_468x60_everybidhelpsSee current listings for Camp Courageous

Check out the ebay pages on using the Giving Works seller program for more details. If you still have questions then please contact the camp at 319-465-5916.