Travel – Cancellation and Weather Policy

General Cancellation and Weather Policy

Camp Courageous does not provide campers, volunteers or staff with traveler’s insurance. Therefore, if you would like to purchase individual travel insurance for your trip, you should contact your current insurance broker and ask about their travel plans/policies or seek a reputable insurer online.

General Cancellation Policies:

1.) There are no monetary refunds. Camp offers a Travel Program Credit which must be used toward future Camp Courageous travel.

2.) If you cancel your trip within 90 days prior to the trip’s departure, you can apply the whole amount you have paid, to a future trip through our Travel Program Credit.

3.) If the registration date has expired and not enough campers have signed up for the trip, the Travel Director has the right to cancel the trip and offer you a choice of another open trip (of equal cost) within the calendar year.

4.) A pro-rated amount will be assigned to your Travel Program Credit for cancellations prior to 30 days before your scheduled departure date. (Flight arrangements and hotel bookings are generally made 85 or more days prior to departure).

5.) No Travel Program Credit will be awarded if you cancel your trip for any reason within 30 days prior to your trip’s scheduled departure date. Under special circumstances, determined on an individual basis by the Travel Director, Travel Program Credit may be awarded for use on future Travel Program trips for that particular camper. Such circumstances may include camper hospitalization or diagnosis of a serious illness, a pro-rated amount will be assigned and used towards your Travel Program Credit if appropriate documentation of illness or hospitalization is provided to the Travel Director within one week of cancellation.

6.) Failure to complete and return a completed Camper Application with an updated medication list and the travel camper’s prepackaged oral medications, including the required, additional full day’s dose(s) at least 14 days prior to departure, will be considered a cancellation and a forfeiture of the total amount of the trip’s cost. (Each Camper Application is used by all Camp Courageous programs- Residential, Respite, and Travel. Therefore, only one application is required annually.)

7.) Campers who, without at least 2 hours advance notice, fail to arrive before or during check-in on the planned departure date, will forfeit the trip.

8.) If a participant cannot continue on with a trip, the camper’s guardian or facility will be contacted. Arrangements will be made to send the camper home by whatever means of transportation is deemed appropriate. This may mean that a camper would need to be picked up, or be sent home by plane or bus and a Camp Courageous staff member would accompany the camper, at the campers expense. Reasons campers may need to be sent home: illness, injury, behavior not conducive to harmony of the group, and other extenuating circumstances. There are no refunds or credits issued if any of these circumstances occur.

9.) Prices are subject to change, although all effort will be made to maintain the prices as listed for the calendar year. If for some reason, changes in price are necessary advance notice will be given, as see fit by the Travel Director.

10.) If during travels, any concerns or problems arise, please see the itinerary for phone numbers of our lodging and the Travel Director’s emergency contact number. For additional information regarding trip cancellation and weather policy please visit Camp Courageous web site at and click on camper info.

11.) To cancel a trip, the guardian/group home MUST CONTACT THE TRAVEL DIRECTOR DIRECTLY. Only the Travel Director can confirm a trip cancelation. If the Travel Director is not contacted and confirmation of cancelation is not received from the Travel Director, the trip is NOT considered canceled. Contact the Travel Director at 319-465-5916, ext. 2330.

Weather Policies:

1) The Camp Courageous Travel Program will run in any weather, including conditions of precipitation (i.e. rain, hail, sleet, snow) EXCEPT when the weather is deemed unsafe.

2) In order to properly evaluate the actual weather conditions anticipated, Camp makes weather-based decisions according to the 3-day forecast prior to departure.

3) Cancellations and rescheduling due to unsafe weather are at the discretion of Camp Courageous Program Directors and we reserve the right to modify the itinerary for your safety.

4) If a trip is canceled by Camp Courageous Program Director before departure due to unsafe weather, you can apply the pro-rated amount to a future trip through the Travel Program Credit.

5) If a third party vendor is involved in our travel program and cancels an activity or event due to unsafe weather, we must adhere to their cancellation policy. Camp will credit you according to their policy, with the credit to be used for future travel with Camp Courageous.