The Leo Greco Project

I received a call this past week from a friend of ours and he said he would like to do something special to honor an incredible individual by the name of Leo Greco… he asked for ideas on what money could be raised for. I gave him several. Back over  twenty years ago, Rich & Candy Altorfer put in a nice sound system in the lodge. In those  twenty years that system received a ton of use and as technology has changed. It was decided.. a new audio/video system for the lodge (since Leo was a band leader for most his life and is on the radio..most of his life has surrounded audio & video & music).

So this donor talked to Randy Lee (WMT) and things are off and rolling. The camp is looking at redoing the lodge in honor of Leo Greco with an estimated cost of about $25,000. There will be a plaque in the lodge with the names of those donating to this project in the lodge. Any amount is appreciated…the plaque will display donations of:

  • Bronze $100
  • Silver $250
  • Gold $500

The camp already has received several Gold contributor of $500. You can send donations to camp or to Leo and we will try get a lot of this done before camp’s breakfast in April.

Use the camp’s secure donation form to specify your donation towards “The Leo Greco Project.”