Helpful Hints for Requesting Dates

1. Request a date at 7 AM sharp on the correct date for your camper. Youth date requests do not come in as fast as adult date requests. If you are requesting an adult date, please be ready right at 7. Beginning at 7:10 AM could make the difference between getting in and not getting in.

2. Understand the difference in weeks. If your camper needs constant one on one attention due to behaviors, wandering, or personal care needs (tube feedings, catheters, extremely low cognitive abilities) then our Just for You weeks are the best choice. If your camper is higher functioning cognitively, even if they have personal care needs, the regular adult weeks will work best. If you are requesting for one specific week (Traumatic Brain Injury Week, Physically Disabled Week, Lions Club Visual Impairment Week) then just request that date. If you are requesting for the regular adult, regular youth or adult Just For You weeks, please put in three date requests (in case your first option isn’t available).

3. Use the computer to make your request. There are a limited number of phone lines while the camp’s website can handle several people at once. Registering through our camp’s website will be to your advantage. (date request page)

4. Get your request time stamped. Requests are time and date stamped once you have completed your request. Requests are taken in order based on the order they come in after 7 AM. Anyone who does not, at minimum, put in their complete contact information, request a date, and put at least one camper’s name and birthday in, will not be considered as a valid date request. Information that is sent after that will be combined with the first request.

5. Be prepared to request multiple dates if you represent more than one individual. Group homes will be required to spread campers out. No one group home can request an entire week and are prevented from blocking out other homes and individuals from attending prime weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Dustin at or 319-465-5916 ext. 2310.

There are three steps to making a date request. Review the images below and make sure you have all the information you need to make a request sudcessfully.

Step 1 – Your contact info:

Step 2 – Add Individuals to the request:

Information you need to add individuals to a request:

Step 3 – select date for the individuals to attend, and optional dates in case the first date can’t be provided:

Final Review – look over all information and then submit your request when ready:

Please wait about 2-3 weeks for all requests to be processed. It takes time to properly place all individuals and make sure that appropriate staffing is available based on special needs.