Leo Greco & Pioneers DVD

Kent Feeds presented Leo Greco and his Pioneers from about 1951-1969. At that time the band played in ten states and was ranked #1 for five-years on Downbeat Poll (after the 5th year, the Poll was discontinued). The show could be seen on many television stations throughout the Midwest, including WMT-TV in Cedar Rapids at 6:15 PM on Saturday nights.

Leo had two 15-minute shows, one from 1955 and the other from 1956. Cary J. Hahn brought those 16-mm films to a friend who put them onto a DVD. Kent Feeds has agreed to sponsor this fund raiser for Camp Courageous. The DVDs are now available for purchase at the camp’s store, online at the camp’s web site, or available by mail using the form below.

The DVDs will be only $10. If you would like them mailed directly to you, there will be an additional charge of only $5 for the special packaging, handling, and postage.

This DVD is a true treasure and a great gift for those of all ages.