Lake Todd Project

Lake Todd Project at Camp Courageous

Tom and Sonja Penaluna have been active with Camp Courageous for decades. Their son, Todd, enjoyed coming to Camp Courageous, which was a real highlight of his year. After Todd’s death, Tom called the camp and asked what they might do in memory of Todd. I asked Tom what his profession was, and when he said he fabricated stainless steel, the light bulb lit-up. We were just building the new lodge, and I asked if he ever built stainless steel stalls for bathrooms. They had never done that type of work, but would give it a try. They not only furnished the lodge with stalls, but they have also provided them for three camper cabins, the pool, and the list goes on.

Tom and Sonja have been very active in the Camp’s Foundation and are board members of the Foundation. They recently stepped forward to provide the funding for the naming rights for the new lake at camp, “Lake Todd,” in memory of their son, to whom Camp Courageous meant so much. A wonderful couple and a wonderful family.

Lake Todd is nearing the final stages of construction, but so much more needs to be done before it’s ready for camper activities. Seeding and planting will begin soon and then work will begin on the construction of the pavilion.

Lake Todd


Future Pavillion at Lake Todd

Camp Courageous is so very grateful to James and Pauline Durgin of Clinton for stepping forward and providing the naming rights for the new pavilion to be located at Lake Todd.

This new pavilion is currently being designed and engineered. It will feature a grand room that will over look the lake and be used for camper activities, along with space for other related activities.

Surrounded by pine trees and Lake Todd, this will be a beautiful addition to the camp. Expected completion of the pavilion is late 2015.

Camp Courageous has completed the purchase of 30-acres of ground to the immediate west of its base camp. The purpose of this land will be to establish a lake for canoeing, fishing, and other water activities. Currently campers are bused 22-miles (round trip) to Central Park to do these activities. The buses not only carry the precious cargo of campers and staff, but also trailers full of canoes. This purchase and subsequent construction of a lake will greatly lessen the camp’s risk, with everything being within walking distance or a train ride from base camp.

Contributions of any amount are appreciated. Gifts of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged on a plaque. The surveying of the land and the layout of the lake will be the camp’s first priority. A great deal of clearing and ground work will need to be done prior to the project’s completion. Anyone with these skills and/or the equipment to accomplish this project, who would like to volunteer their time and equipment, are encouraged to contact Camp Courageous.

For more information on how you can help make this dream come true, contact: Charlie Becker, PO Box 418, Monticello IA 52310 or 319/465-5916 ext 2100 or