F.A.Q. General

Frequently Asked Questions about Camp Courageous

What is Camp Courageous of Iowa?
Camp Courageous is a year-round respite care and recreational facility for individuals of all ages with disabilities. The camp is not-for-profit organization. You can more about the history of Camp Courageous here.

Is Camp Courageous a non-profit?
Yes. The camp is not-for-profit and is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. If you or your organization needs documentation showing the 501(c)(3) status then please download this letter from the IRS in PDF format.

What is Camp Courageous’ federal tax ID number? 23-7210932.

Who can attend Camp Courageous?
Anyone with a disability can attend. Vision, mental, physical and other disabilities are typical of the individuals served. If you have questions about whether someone can attend Camp Courageous then please contact Stephen Fasnacht by E-mail at stephen@campcourageous.org or call 319-465-5916, ext 2310.

Where is Camp Courageous located?
Camp Courageous is located southeast of Monticello, IA.  Physical address is 12007 190th Street, Monticello, IA 52310. To see the camp on Google Maps you can go to this link.


Camp Exit 65

Use Exit 65 on US Highway 151

Once you arrive at the camp, here is a map of the Camp Courageous campus.  Arriving campers can park on the north side of the camp office/lodge (follow the signs and staff).

Camp Courageous Campus Map

Is Camp Courageous religiously affiliated? No.

Is Camp Courageous accredited?
American Camping AssociationYes, the camp is accredited 100% through the American Camp Association. A camp can not get a better rating from the ACA than what Camp Courageous has received.

cfc-sealCamp Courageous has also been certified by the Independent Charities of America to be one of the “Best In America” charities.

Is Camp Courageous affiliated with an agency, like United Way? No. However, it is still possible to donate to the camp through agencies like the United way using their “donor option” and writing in “Camp Courageous” as their chairty of choice.

Where does the camp get funds to operate?
Camp Courageous was founded on and continues to run on donations. It gets no government assistance, no one is paid to raise funds, and it not affiliated with any agency. Campers pay a fee to attend, but the fee represents less than 10% of the actual cost to care for the camper. No camper is ever turned away due to the inability to pay the camper fee.

I am a government employee, are there any ways for me to donate through donor programs?
Yes. Goverment employees can use a few different ways:

Federal employees can use the Combined Federal Campaign to contribue to the camp. You can designate “Camp Courageous” or #11076 to contribute.

State of Iowa employees can give to the camp through the One Gift Program. Designate Camp Courageous as your agency of choice (#1107).

How much is the current camper fee or waiver hour rate?
The camper fee is based on the time of the year and duration of stay at the camp. You can view the current camper fees, including waiver hour rates, on the various camp schedule web pages.

Does the camp accept donations of money or goods?
Yes. Without donations there would be no Camp Courageous of Iowa. You can make monetary gifts to the camp online using a secure donation web page. If you would like to donated new or gently used goods then please drop them off at the camp. See the camp’s needs list for items that you can consider giving.

What are some other ways that I can help the camp?
We are grateful to the innovative and unique ways that people are helping the dream of Camp Courageous. There are so many ways to help and this web page discusses some of them.

Are contributions to Camp Courageous tax deductible?
In general, contributions to Camp Courageous will be tax deductible to many. However, you should consult your tax advisor as to the deductibility of your contributions.

What is the camp’s mission statement?
The mission of Camp Courageous is to provide exceptional year-round recreational and respite care opportunities for individuals with special needs and their families. The camp is run primarily on donations, giving all individuals the opportunity to give through gifts of time, materials, money, and other means that support the camp.

Can I download and use the camp’s logo?
The camp’s logo is available for use in materials being prepared for official Camp Courageous events. Please contact the camp’s Executive Director for permission to use the logo in any media format. “Camp Courageous” is a registered trademark and all rights are reserved. Other formats (EPS, TIFF…) are available upon request.

Camp Courageous-Color Logo