F.A.Q. Campers

Campers and Staff:

IMG_4574Can someone with ADHD attend Camp Courageous? Yes.

What should families of kids with special needs look for in a camp?
Reputation is key if one is new to an area, Camp Courageous is A.C.A. (American Camper Association) accredited. The camp has consistently received 100% in the accreditation, which is a challenge and fairly unheard of. For 100% certification there is need for around the clock registered nursing, and more. What are other families saying, ask for references, check out the camp, go for a tour, look at the longevity of the staff… how long does staff stay with the camp? First impressions, does it appear the staff really love their work. How are the facilities kept-if they can’t take care of their facilities then how can they take care of your loved one? Check out the activities, quality of program, medical, dietary, maintenance… are they organized… administration. Most importantly, do you get the sense that 100% of the staff is totally dedicated to their work and your loved one?

What do special needs kids get out of a camp like Camp Courageous?
Most parents tell the camp that it is the highlight of their year. Sometimes in mainstream schools campers do not excel as others do. At camp, they climb, rappel, go caving, canoeing and so much more. All of a sudden they are out in front of the other students. The campers have the opportunity to excel far beyond what they often thought they could do. Campers are homogeneously grouped, so one week might be all brain injury, another all muscular dystrophy, and yet another all visually impaired. The camper may be in a school system where they are, for example, the only one with MD. They come to camp and there are 80 others, so they have the opportunity to socialize with others who truly understand each other.

The camp experience is second to none… you can go to school for a year and never really know a classmate. However, when you spend morning, noon, and night for a week with someone they can form a closeness not found in any other environment. Also the closeness with the staff is second to none…many lasting relationships are started.

Registration, Applications, Physicals:

How do you register a camper at Camp Courageous of Iowa?
The steps to registering a camper are spelled out on this web page.

When is registration (or “date requests”)?
The registration process begins with date requests. Date requests for week-long camps occurs in January of each year. Requests for respite care weekends occurs throughout the year, typically a few weeks prior to the scheduled weekend. To view the current year’s registration dates please look on the current schedule web page.

Should I make date requests online or by phone?
It is recommended that you make your date requests online. The camp has only four phone lines but can take multiple requests online every minute.

Do I have to pre-package medications for my camper?
Yes. Get detailed information about pre-packaged meds on this web page. The only exception is for liquid, topical, and breathing treatments.

Can my friend, relative, or facility driver check-in or pick-up my camper(s)?
The person checking in the camper needs to be aware of the medications and health history of the camper. Please do not send someone who is unfamiliar with the care of the camper. It is also important that you have ALL PAPERWORK completed and signed if the person dropping off the camper is not a legal guardian. For pick-up, you will need to specify the persons) who are allowed to check the camper out.

Do campers need a physical every year?
Yes, we now require a physical every year. The online paperwork system will tell you if the camper needs a physical.

Where can I download the Physical Form to take to my doctor?
You can download a physical form for your doctors office when you log into the online paperwork system (PDF link).

IMG_2360Arrival, While At Camp, Departure:

What time is camper arrival?
Summer week-long: Sunday 3:30-4:30 PM.
Fall week-long: 10:00-11:00 AM.
Arriving any earlier that the specified check-in time does NOT mean you’ll be able to start the process early. For other check-in times (such as trips or other events) please consult the information sent to you.

How long does it take to check-in a camper upon arrival at camp?
It will take a minimum of one hour to check-in.

What time is camper departure?
Week-long campers is 12:30 PM on Friday.

What activities do the campers do when they are at camp?
Check out the web page that lists the camper activities.

Can I send messages/faxes/E-mail to my camper while they are at camp?
Yes. You can send faxes to 319-465-5919. You can send E-mail to campers@campcourageous.org. Be sure to include the campers name in the subject of your fax or E-mail.

Can campers bring money with them to camp?
Yes. Campers can use spending money for pop, candy, or to purchase items in the camp’s store. The average amount of money that camper brings is about $20.00.

What type of items are available in the camp store?
Campers can buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, cups/mugs, wristbands, flashlights, teddy bears, and other “Camp Courageous of Iowa” items. Prices range of items is from $1.00 to about $20.00. All proceeds from the sale of items in the store go towards the operational costs of the camp.

Does Camp Courageous accept Waivers?
We accept ID or HD Waivers.
Provider Number: #0117200
Procedure Code: T2036
2016 Unit Rate: $1.06 per Unit
Summer Weeklong- 472 Units
Fall Weeklongs- 400 Units
Weekend- 172 Units

How much is the current camper fee or waiver hour rate?
The camper fee is based on the time of the year and duration of stay at the camp. You can view the current camper fees, including waiver hour rates, on the camp schedule web pages.