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The indoor pool at Camp Courageous is a popular activity with campers as well as with swimmers from surrounding communities. Completed in 2001, the facility features a lap pool, therapy pool, locker rooms, and a classroom.

Lap Pool

The lap pool is 25 meters by six lanes and is kept at about 84 degrees. The depth is from 4 to 9 feet. In the deep end of the pool is a climbing wall. The pool is also equipped with starting blocks so swim meets could be held. This pool is equipped with a lift to get persons who need assistance in and out of the water. There are also steps leading into the shallow end.

Therapy PoolTherapy Pool

The therapy pool is 45′ x 24′ and ranges from 2 to 4 feet. The water is kept at about 88 degrees. This pool has a ramp that allows easy entry into the water. Camp has special showerchairs that fit down the ramp to help swimmers who need more assistance entering the water. Another feature of this pool is four whirlpool jets with a bench to allow swimmers to sit and relax in the water. This pool also has a basketball hoop at one end.

Locker Rooms

Locker RoomsThe locker room area includes 4 to 6 showers, a large changing area, with lockers and an adjustable changing table, capable of holding an adult.

Off the lobby is a unisex restroom with a shower. It is large enough for two adults to assist a child with changing.


Classroom KitchenOff the pool lobby is a classroom that is available for rental. It has tables, chairs, refrigerator, and counter space. It makes a great room for small meetings. It has also been a popular room for a pool birthday parties.

Ask for details on how this room can be part of your pool rental or how you can rent just the room for your gathering.

Pool Rental & Schedule

When the pool is not being used by campers, it is available for rental by the general public. Rentals can be for smaller groups renting one pool to large groups using both pools. Lifeguards are required and are provided as part of your rental. Get the latest pool rental rates and schedule from this web page.